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Who are you? What are you meant to do and become? Are you living the life you want? Where are you going? To discover one is the act or process of achieving self-knowledge...

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To transform is the operation of changing from one expression into another. Once you discover your true potential and skills, plus have clarity on what you want to achieve.....

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Results are created when you connect all you are and all you can be to form a new and better outcome. To create is the ability to perceive the world in new ways....

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About Me

In the late 80’s after a traumatic life changing event I found myself working through various self-improvement and personal-development programs that continue today. Human behavior and the mechanics of relationships fascinate me and my own personal growth is fueled by positive results and success for what I have learned and experienced along my journey of Self-Mastery. I am able to utilize my self-awareness and skills to my advantage in my leadership roles and as a self-fulfilling entrepreneur with positive and continuous results and success.  

My path of self-discovery lead me to wanting to give back, pay it forward, to others so in 2010 I worked and received my first National Business Coach Certification. Two years later I became a certified International Transformational Business, Life and Spiritual Coach. In 2013 I was gifted the opportunity to become a published author and have a bestselling book in 5 countries to my credit. I proved to myself over and over again that I can do anything and turn my dreams and desires into reality. It is my purpose and passion to share my knowledge and show you how you too can have all you want through discovery, transformation and creativity. I invite you to step forward on the magical and miraculous path of Self-Mastery.


Cammie has been a wonderful coach, mentor, inspiration & guiding light during the last 2 months that I have had the pleasure of working
with her.

We meet regularly for one on one sessions as well as group sessions. Her professional & focused approach have been greatly
beneficial to launching my career in Real Estate.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cammie Ritchie.


Cameron Ritchie has been my group and personal productivity coach for the past 9 months. In that time, she has coached me for well
over 25 hours.

Her contribution has been invaluable both as a real estate business resource and as an inspiration in the area of personal
and emotional balance and well being.


Cammie and I have worked together for approximately 20 hours. We work together on a one-on- one basis 2 times a month, and in a group setting 3 times a month. During our Group Coaching, we speak about a number of things, and work together towards common goals. In the one-on- one meetings, Cammie focuses on each of us independently, helping us reach our individual goals.

She has helped me overcome several obstacles, which I feel I couldnt have done without her help. Cammie has been a tremendous help with building my confidence level, both in Real Estate and in my personal life.

Cammie is a loving and caring person, who genuinely cares for her coaching clients, and strives to help them succeed and reach both
personl and professional goals. She would be a great asset to any Productivity Coaching team or program.


After 6 months of coaching, I had tripled my sales from the previous year. It was amazing! Coaching with Cameron was the reason for my success.

As a result of my sales, I was entered into a contest to win a trip for two to Mexico, all expenses paid, and I won! Coaching took me all the way to Mexico! Cameron has mentoring abilities that are invaluable to people and I am so appreciative that I had the chance to be coached by her. Cameron Ritchie has forever changed the way I work my business.


In December 2012, I decided to get a coach as a last effort to establish my less than acceptable career as a Real Estate Agent. I know I am
not the most coachable person, yet Cameron Ritchie accepted the challenge to help me develop the mental and methodical skills I needed to
make a successful career from real estate sales.

My sales to date for 2013 are substantially higher than last year and I know I have the potential to take them even higher.

Cameron Ritchie has been a significant factor toward my current successes in sales and her influence in creating good attitude and business
skills will carry me forward to even greater successes for my future.


ChangeIt! Coaching Got Liza to Mexico

I started with Cameron early in 2013 and with the help of her coaching, I reached my goal a short 6 months later. Her coaching among other
things, assisted me in setting goals for myself, prioritizing my goals, picking my pillars and my ‘big rocks’. Her regular meetings helped me stay on task, focused , motivated; and she was always available for assistance or to answer questions.

She is a professional and motivated individual who truly enjoys helping others achieve their goals be it personal


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