Welcome and Congratulations!

It is awesome that you are thinking about investing in you and/or your team. You have done a courageous first step and it warms my heart. Thank you for coming this far and checking out how Change It! Coaching can help you. Let’s keep the momentum and move you further to where you really want and need to be. The next steps I want to help you to take will create impactful, positive and lasting changes to better you and the lives around you.


I sincerely want to help you make these changes. As an international credited Transformational Business, Life and Spiritual Coach I specialize in awareness and awakening your inner wisdom to teach you how tap in and use this knowledge to express your greatest potential which will better your life and business. I have what they call a transpersonal approach when I coach. This means I go beyond (trans) the personal level of the psyche and mundane theories, and help you self extend past what you see at the material level. I do this by showing you how to develop outside of conventional, personal or individual planes then integrate it with the practical, real world. Once you do this transformation rich results and unlimited success shows up in your life.


My purpose and passion is coaching and helping people, like you, who want to be more and have more in life. You aren’t created to just survive or be mediocre. I’ve taken the bumpy and hard road to success through my many years as a serial entrepreneur and driven business leader. I accomplished my goals and achieved great success along the way yet it wasn’t easy and it was exhausting and frustrating most of the time. I have learned that when things feel difficult it is because something is out of alignment and needs to be fixed. So I took pause, reflected and evaluated everything about myself and my life. I have also had the honour to do this with many employees and clients as well during my 20+ years in management and 5 years as progressive transformational coach. The result is a proven way to help you save time and money and eliminate struggles and obstacles that are holding you back or prolonging what you deserve to have in your life. The various programs I have created and learned in practice are giving me the life I have always wanted. You can have this too!


This is powerful stuff that I want to share and teach you; however, it’s not for the weak of heart. You must be courageous and open minded to shake things up and trust you can make the changes you need to Master your life. You have already taken the first step, now it is time to discover, transform and create your hidden destiny. It is waiting for you to unlock it.


I welcome you to join me on this beautiful journey of Self-Mastery.


Change It! Coaching’s Approach


As an internationally certified Transformational Business/Life/Spiritual Coach and motivational published author and speaker I belief in the magic created by transformation. By knowing one’s self openly and honestly and following your truth then you transform into your highest and best self. Self-Mastery allows you to be free to unlock your inner wisdom and knowing so you can discover and embrace your unlimited potentiality in any area of their life. Everyone is born with unique talents and purposes. For some, it’s being a successful business leader or an outstanding parent. For others, it’s writing a book, doing healing work, saving the planet or starting a business. Regardless of how we step up in the world the joy of knowing who you truly are and how to apply it to your every day practices will allow you to do things with passion, intention and on purpose. All of which are the keys for success.


My Personal Coach-Consultant-Guidance Style


It’s my tendency to ask a lot of insightful questions and use appropriate methods and tools to get to know you better. This helps both you and me to see and understand where you are in the present moment and where you would like to be in the future. Throughout our discussion we will unmask blockages, obstacles and discover the patterns of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in life. Once an issue is discovered or exposed we find a way to break it down and open up your innate wisdom and creativity to make the changes move you forward to your desires and goals.

A good coach-consultant does not tell you exactly what to do; together we will brainstorm to see what tools will work best for you to use when solving problems. I will offer suggestions; advice and information when needed so you choices and feel empowered to make confident and informed choices without self doubt or judgment. If, at any time, you do not feel comfortable with me or the guidance offered, you can simply say so. Open communications based on honesty and speaking one’s feelings is most important in our coaching partnership. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them. I’m here to help you.