The journey of one’s life has them go through a period of study. They then practice. They experiment. They learn discipline. And over time, they become masters of themselves and their craft. That mastery carries with it an inherent responsibility, both to share their gifts with society at large, and to teach, train and pass along their knowledge to others who will in time also become masters of themselves and their craft


Mining & Maximizing Your Potential

When we “Mine” our potential, we will be motivated to “Maximize” our potential says Abe Brown, CCF President. As a coach, I sincerely believe each and every person has enormous potential and a person isn’t aware of their unlimited source of success. We need to “Mine” that potential and learn to “Maximize” it.

Potential Mining:

  1. What appears to be Potential does not show all the Potential you have.
  2. Potential is not for the rich or the lucky. There Is Great Potential in Every One of Us.
  3. Much of the time, Our Potential Is Unexplored & Under-Utilized
  4. You have areas of your life that are Uncultivated, Unused and Idle.
  5. Under-Utilized Potential always Results in Poverty – a lack of abundance is more than just financial.
  6. Potential is a Personal Choice Guided by Best Practices.

How You See Yourself Determines how you can Maximize your potential…

  • Your Level of Faith in yourself and others
  • Your Depth of Self-Confidence
  • Your Scope of Accomplishment
  • Your Security and Freedom
  • Your Sense of Emotional Well Being
  • Your Effort When It Comes to Maximizing Your Potential…

What more are you than we can see today?

Who you are today is not all you can be tomorrow. There is an incredible treasure waiting inside each one of us. The world needs what you have. The dreams and inspiration and gifts and aspiration inside of you can light the way, solve the problems, meet the needs of many people and fulfill your own desires. First you need to see your value and then take the necessary actions to make positive and permanent change. Change It Coaching can help you and make this happen.

Coaching Services


3 month coaching package
3 month package
2 x one hour sessions/month plus support
One/one coaching
$145.00 /per hour
Minimum 3 x one hour sessions

Special Note: ONE/ONE Coaching programs are available on special request for qualified clients.

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