Let’s get excited for positive change in 2017!

I say dump the News Year resolutions and set intentions for 2017. 92% of resolutions die within 3 months of making them. Goals are great but sometimes they way us down and stress us out because they come from our thoughts and what we think we should be doing. Doing what we want to do creates a steady and easy flow of success and happiness in our business and life. What we need to do is open up and listen to the wisdom that is patiently sitting in wait inside our heart. This little voice is often drowned out by the big voice that sits in our head. Since it is louder and a bully for the most part we think it is right. Wrong! Knowing or gut instinct always prevails over thinking. Intentions come from the heart and resolutions from our mind. Anything that is heart based works with ease and grace and is in alignment with our purpose. We need to let go of all attachments and external expectations and fully open to our inner truth and what feels right to do not what we think we should do. Perhaps that can be your intention for 2017. Make the change to listen and follow our heart and only do what FEELS right. Drop the thinking. Who knows who you will inspire and influence. I can guarantee that you will create great momentum without stress and your life will change for the better when everything you do is heartfelt. Please know I would be happy to help you get in tune with your inner wisdom and make 2017 magical. Let’s start today for a fantastic future.

Wishing you magic and mastery in the New Year,


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